Sunday, May 10, 2009

At the beach!

We recently returned from a great trip. Chris had to travel to Jackson, MS and Tampa, FL for work, so we tagged along as we always do. We had a great time. Brooks really loves the beach and would play there all day. He enjoyed jumping over the waves and playing in the sand. He was very daring and would go too far if we let him. The Tampa zoo is amazing--and we know zoos we've been to 11 or 12 of them! They have great animals that you see very up-close, and they have rides like a little roller coaster. They also have a several splash areas and a ride that takes you behind the scenes into the animal areas. We got stuck behind a stubborn ostrich and had to wait for a handler to come move him. Believe it or not, I was a little afraid then due to our last up-close and personal encounter with ostriches at a drive-through safari! Despite an excruciating sunburn that I managed to get on day 1, we all had a great time. The food was also really great. Us landlocked people don't get the freshest seafood 2 seafood meals on the beach were awesome. Then we also took my dad's recommendation and ate at the Columbia in Ybor city and it was so good. I finally got some good Yucca, now I'm eager to get to the Cuban restaurant in Orlando in a couple weeks. Finally, we took a pirate cruise! It was absolutely wonderful and fun. The "pirates" were so fun and led the kiddos in all sorts of games, treasure hunts, and water gun fights. Then, the captain found a group of dolphins and we had dolphins swimming right along side us. On our way there and back we were able to stop over in Little Rock and go to one of our favorite Children's Museums, the amazing park, and eat at the Flying Fish. If you haven't been to the Little Rock Riverfront lately, you should go. We love visiting there! It really was a good trip, and I can't say that I'm happy to be home. I'd just as soon stay there (in Tampa, not Jackson!). Enjoy the pictures!