Thursday, May 15, 2014

Will you do this for me?

It has been 9 months since we decided to adopt a little girl. It has been 3 months since we were matched with our daughter. I have no idea when she will be home.  It's a long process, but we are moving steadily forward.  Many of you have asked about the process, and I know that some of you regularly pray for our daughter as she waits for us in China. Many of you know me, and any process that takes the control out of my hands makes me very anxious. I like to fix and control my world, so this is tough for me. I decided to write this post to specifically ask for your help.  I would like to ask you to pray for our adoption in some specific ways.  Would you pick an item on the list below and let me know in the comments that you will pray for that item regularly. Several people can pray for the same thing!

1) That our LOA/LSC (the next step in our approval process) will come quickly. Specifically, I would like to have it by 6/15 so that I have a chance of getting a care package or at least a cake to Meili by her 3rd birthday on 6/22.

2) That Meili will stay healthy and continue to show development and improvement.

3) That we will be prepared for Meili and her special needs.

4) That some of the grant money we have applied for will be awarded.

5) That our travel plans will go smoothly.

6) That I will focus on the boys this summer and "fill their tanks" so that they are ready for their sister and not resentful of the time she will need.

7) That Blaise especially feels secure in our family and that he doesn't suffer too much regression due to this major life change. And that we be sensitive to him and his behaviors and see them for what they are.

8) That I am able to be free from anxiety and patient with the process.

Until our approval happens, I cannot publicly post pictures, but here is a sneak peek!

Cutest pout ever!!!