"Promise me you'll always remember--You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin to Pooh
I have lived in a perpetual state of nausea with the uncomfortable feeling of an impending panic attack very since Thursday. That is the day we decided that I was leaving for Rwanda, by myself, in 2 days. No big deal, right? I've left the country before--all the way to the Bahamas! So, I cried the better part of the way from Houston to Charlotte and I don't think the tears are depleted yet, but as I told Brooks, sometimes we do things we don't want to do because in the bigger picture, they're the right things to do.
So, here I sit on leg one of the journey in the Charlotte airport. I head to Dulles soon and from there will head to Addis Ababa and onto Kigali, Rwanda. Unfortunately, my touch down in Rome on the way won't allow for sightseeing!
No, we didn't actually get the referral, but we did get enough encouraging news for us to pray that it will be ready soon. Whoever our son is, he has waited so long for his very own family. We decided that if I can make the moment he knows that he has a family come any sooner then we should do that.