Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well, we've been home a bit now but I am now sufficiently recovered from our Disney vacation to post some pictures. We all had a blast at Disneyworld. This was the first trip for both me and Brooks. We really vacationed hard and honestly hit just about every attraction and show! Brooks spent all the time in line for every single ride trying to convince us that he didn't want to go on this one because it was too scary/too boring/too loud/too dark/or he had to go potty right now, but he came off every ride with a huge smile saying how much he liked it. He really had a great time with everything and since we've been back he has been playing roller coaster on his bike and in the car down every hill we drive down. When we first started researching Disney and all the characters we would meet, we were at first worried that it would be all princesses and not enough "boy" stuff, but as you can see Brooks got to meet Power Rangers, Star Wars Characters, Peter Pan, Pirates, and more! (Not that Brooks doesn't love princesses, too! In fact, he has not forgotten to tell anyone about having lunch in Cinderella's castle; do you think she often takes pictures with little guys in Superhero facepaint?) Besides Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad, Brooks even rode the Tower of Terror! It's one of those 13-story drops, but this one is combined with the opening and closing of giant doors along the side of the "hotel" as your "elevator" starts and stops its drops without warning. His favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear game where you sit in a car and shoot lasers at arcade style aliens. I think we went on that 6 or 7 times. He also loved Haunted Mansion and the Astro Orbitor. "Turtle Talk with Crush" was so much cuter than I expected. Crush echoed my almost constant refrain with Brooks when he singled Brooks out and told him to "focus, little dude." Then Brooks raised his hand to ask a question and when the microphone was put in front of him, Brooks asked the following question, "Apple." This, of course, apparently made perfect sense to the preschool crowd and inspired the next little girl's question, "Bathtub." Crush admitted he was "A little confused by these one-word questions!" Brooks enjoyed meeting all the characters, but the highlight of his autograph quest came when he met Mulan. The boy wore a silly, stupid grin and her lipstick kiss on his cheek for the rest of the afternoon. It rained hard every day, but in the end that really helped keep the heat at bay. We just donned our ponchos and put Brooks in his "Disneymobile" (the stroller with the rainhood) and waited. The only day it was really miserable was the night we had to just sit in the rain for over an hour waiting for the Fantasmic show which they kept reminding us--may or may not be cancelled. Brooks took the time to make shapes with his glow bracelets, cleverly coming up with this Disney inspired creation. Luckily for us, the show went on and it was great. Our hotel was amazing, we could sit on our balcony and watch zebras, giraffes, ostrichess, and other animals just yards away from us. You can see here the way Brooks "rode" home almost every night. Brooks is already talking about "next time" when he goes back with his brother! Here is a slide show of many more of our photos (believe it or not these aren't all of them!) You can use the arrow to scroll through at your own pace--they are in no particular order; if you're patient there are some really good pics in here! There is no music with the slideshow, so you can keep the blog music on if you want to; I've added music from Brooks's favorite Disney shows to the playlist. As they said at Disney--Celebrate Today!
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