Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our 4th of July "Stay"cation!

We hope you all had a great 4th of July Weekend! Chris mentioned really wanting to take advantage of his 3-day weekend, but we didn't want to have the time and expense of a long drive, so we had ourselves a fun "stay"cation here in Tulsa.

The local Radisson here has a great indoor "water park" that proved to be the perfect size for Brooks. The water was all less than 3 feet deep, but the slides were big enough to be fun for the 10 year olds (and the occaisional parent)! So, we spent a ton of time in the pools and we also saw two movies, went bowling and saw the fireworks! All in all, a great weekend!

Adoption Update: It is going to be a very busy 2-3 weeks as we get all our final dossier documents notarized, have our medical exams, go for our FBI fingerprinting appointment, and mail everything off to DC for final authentication. PLEASE share this prayer request with anyone you know that knows us: I really need the encouragement of getting this dossier to Rwanda by my end of August goal. It is really the last part that I can pretend I have any control over. For this to happen, our fingerprints need to be accurate the first time, OK USCIS has to issue our I171 approval quickly, the US Dept. of State needs to authenticate all our documents, and MOST importantly, the Rwandan Embassy in D.C. needs to give us their seals and letter of "non-objection."

I am beginning to see that the Rwandan side of this will probably take longer, perhaps much longer, than we had originally hoped. They are receiving more dossiers in a month than they did all last year. They have to be careful and diligent to protect the children, and I have a feeling they are just plain swamped. It doesn't make the waiting easier, but I do understand. It just really makes me want to do everything I can on my end to get it all done correctly and efficently--I don't want to be the cause of our delays!

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elizabeth hunter said...

Hi, Kristy, It's Elizabeth from our prayer chain. We are both on the exact same timeline. Let's pray for each other's adoptions, shall we? And we'll also pray that the Minister's office be supported in getting through all the dossiers! God Bless...xxxooo you can email me for support at