Thursday, December 31, 2009

Questions and Answers

Happy New Years to All! I recently reread Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, and I was struck by this sentence, "There are years that ask questions and years that answer." This seemed particularly appropriate to our lives this year. Among the many questions that we asked in 2009 and anticipate answers for in 2010 are:

"Who will our new son be?"

"When will he join our family?"

"What will our first trip out of the country be like? And where all will we go?"

"How will our family of 3 transition to being a family of 4?"

"Where we will live after Chris gets his promotion?"

"When will we get to meet our new niece? And what will this little girl among 3 boys be like?"

"How will Brooks handle kindergarten?"

It will surely be a year of answers! On the adoption front, we may have some answers very soon! I received a wonderful email from our Power of Attorney in Rwanda telling us that the nuns have indeed chosen the son for our family and will be delivering the file to the Ministry this coming week. This means that the Minister will need to review the match and sign her approval and then Veronique, who handles the adoption matters for the country, will need to scan all the documents & A PHOTO and email them to us. Then we will see his face for the first time! Stay tuned for that news . . .

Meanwhile, we enjoyed being at home this year for Christmas. We were also able to take a mini-vacation around Houston and Galveston. Here are some pictures of us closing out 2009:

Magic Carpet Mini-Golf in Galveston--We actually have a picture just like this of us in the shell with our friends on prom weekend in 1993!

At the Children's Museum of Houston

Kemah Boardwalk Rides (Mommy kind of tricked them into getting on that first one!)

Dinner out and football on the beach

Moody Gardens--Brooks met the diver and some new "friends" in the touch pool (He still won't try shrimp because there was a shrimp touch pool in Tulsa and he grew fond of them!)

At the Galleria, when asked if that was the biggest Christmas tree he'd ever seen Brooks just declared, "Impossible!" Sorry to the Houston Museum of Natural Science for this picture; after I saw the no camera sign I promptly ceased, but the deed was already done, so I may as well keep this one, right?

Photos #3,967 & #3,968 in the "Brooks in front of trains" series

Brooks after the weekend

Rewriting a classic . . ."The stockings were hung on the pool house TV, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there."

It was a Star Wars Christmas; though I thought the toys were for Brooks!

Take #1 and Take #2 in "Nice photo of the cousins in front of the tree at church on Christmas Eve." (I think Lance was having more fun in Take #1!)

Moments later Lance attempted climbing the same stool; I pretty sure after a few days around Brooks he can also wield a light saber and a clone blaster as well (Sorry Kelli!). Brooks and Momo whipped up some of PawPaw Harsch's sugar cookies.

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Hi Pawlak's hope all is well. Hope Brooks is doing great! Can't wait for more adoption news! Miss Brooke @ Tulsa Sunshine Center