Saturday, February 6, 2010

"The trouble with most people . . ."

"The trouble with most people is that they think with their hopes and fears and wishes, rather than with their minds." Nancy Astor

Maybe it's hard when it relates to our children to not focus on the emotion of the situation, but that is just what we've had to do to get through this and it has helped. We still feel the emotion, of course, but filtering it through rational thinking is allowing a certain calmness.

I just wanted to keep you all updated our referral situation and give you some very specific prayer requests. There is hope, based on the updates coming from Rwanda, that a replacement to handle adoption matters (and a whole lot more) could be in place with the next week or two. Coming from someone whose husband works for the US government--I can't tell you how impressed and grateful I would be if they could fill a government position so quickly. If that happens, there is a chance we could still have our referral while our friend, Tina, is in Rwanda. Maybe, if time allows she could actually see our son!

Even if this doesn't happen, we are encouraged to know that the wheels are turning and progress is being made.

Please pray that:
*MIGEPROF is able to find a qualified replacement who has a special place in her heart for these children.
*Peter is able to find favor with the new person.
*the new person is able to be trained quickly and able to process our referral soon after being hired.
*We continue to have patience.
*Our son is healthy and that God may grant him an assurance of his family waiting for him.

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